Visiting exhibition such as the Canton fair complex is a arduous Job, although it sounds easy to come to China, but when it comes to visit such Mega exhibitions this is a tedious job, our team carry our the task of visiting exhibitions on your behalf, collect catalogue, ask rates ,shipping cost and send it over to you for easy consideration.

Contact for visiting an exhibitions on your behalf today
Collecting information for clients ,

Here in the picture one of our Europe client want to source Christmas Decoration
Our Saudi client has requested to source packing material for his new Showroom.
Weaving products sourced and dispatched for customer personal use and office use
Candles are not only a Decor' for festivals , they occupy our most visited places at home, these days Electronic candles are a trend in the market , the new generation candles run on powered Lithium ion battery.
Pet Product range occupy maximum customers presence on this year's Canton fair, reason why so many pet products in the market these days.