SF HK Partnership with Ever Grow Trading SVC

Hong Kong SF -Ever Grow.png

Following the demands from Mainland, Macau, Hong Kong customers Ever Grow Trading have opened SFHK account

With the opening of this account, our team is able to handle niche market of Inter cargoes movements Macau , HK and Mainland China without any hassle in Addition to below services in Hong Kong.

1) Local deliveries at competitive prices within Hong Kong

2) Excess baggage delivery from Hong Kong airport to Hong Kong or other regions

3) Local shopping groceries of Hong Kong people from China Mainland to Hong Kong

4) International courier, cargo and e commerce parcel deliveries.

5) Stay of the Art warehousing in Hong Kong, Mainland and Macau region

6) Sending gifts, personal affect goods by Immigrants in Hong Kong Macau to their home countries

The tie up also comes as a relief to overseas agents who uses our consolidation services as SFHK has regular flights to Malaysia,Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Korea,Philliphines   and US.

Subject to the relevant terms and conditions.

For further enquiries, please contact us via (852) 5464 2432   (Hong Kong); (86) 13430924947 (China) WhatsApp & Wechat