Hong Kong - China Free-Quarantine travel is likely very soon

Hong Kong borders with mainland china for over 8 land borders and one of the very important market for people living both the sides of the border, due to Covid 19 the border was restricted to few points, but there is a ray of hope likely as per officials from both the sides concluded a thorough checks on the Hong Kong side ,visiting various key points of virus spread, virus anti epidemic control and joints of control.

One official even commented

"The meeting is convened for the purpose of pressing ahead with the gradual and orderly resumption of quarantine-free travel between the Mainland and Hong Kong.

So it is viewed as a huge respite for travellers , students who are studying in Hong Kong universities, a cross border travel and quarantine free travel will not only help people doing cross trading but also beneficial for family   reunion and friendship reversal between these 2 key points.

Hope the opening goes smoothly as many wished.